University Vibe

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Just visited campus for lunch. The UO museum cafe serves great food (I only wish I knew it when I was in college). They not only have great food but they are usually pretty empty and quiet during the weekend which makes this place a wonderful place for work. (If you are currently attending UO classes, try visiting the museum cafe for studying rather than trying to study at Starbucks.)

I usually put a grey-ish inner for this type of outfit but I knew I was going to visit campus so I wanted to bring a little university color green (one of the colors of the UO). I found this sweater at the local Buffalo Exchange second hand store, and I'm pretty sure this one is from Japan. This is another fun part of visiting a used store - you see a bunch of stuff from different countries, and with such a low price, there is no risk trying them. If you are hunting for a authentic leather shoes from a different country, for example, a used store is fun place to make a visit!

Happy shopping!