The Simpsons x Learning Language

men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashionI remember the days studying English. I heard that one of the best ways to learn language is to immerse yourself in an environment that resembles the place that uses the language you want to learn.

Being in Japan, there aren’t many places that you hear English. Because of this, I decided to rent tons of English TV shows and play them at home so that at least I can be in an environment where I hear English.

The TV shows that I rented? They had to be super easy to understand (animation or kids show) and fun enough to watch multiple times.

Yes, it was The Simpsons! I literally learned speaking/listening to English from The Simpsons. Obviously, I didn’t understand the satire in the show so there were undoubtedly some awkward moments once I started to use English! lol

Because I feel like this TV show gave me the fundamentals of my living here, visiting Springfield in my Simpsons T-shirt and standing in front of The Simpsons wall was a very special experience for me!

This was one of the best days of my life!! :)






What am I wearing? T-shirt: Forever 21 Pants: Zara Shoes: Energie Jacket: New Look