Lisa's Pick: Ducks in DC

Washington DC

I live in Oregon, so naturally I like the Oregon Ducks. I was pretty excited to find this shot on a trip to DC, partially because "Go Ducks!" but mostly because of the sense of perspective and the beautiful color of the reflecting pool. Of course I edited this in Lightroom as I always do, but the pool really was this moody blue/green/grey. In terms of subject, I enjoyed blending the everyday mundanity of the duck with one of the most instantly recognizable American landmarks, the Washington Monument (the Capital Building is peaking in there too). Here are my settings:

Camera: Sony A6000

Lens: 19 mm

Exposure: 1/200

ISO: 100

Aperture: 13

White Balance: Auto

I found that, as a visitor and someone interested in governance and policy (really), DC has a kind of magical quality to it. It's fascinating to be right where our highest levels of government operate. And outside those halls, life continues as anywhere else - people in the park and ducks in the reflecting pool.