Sunnies and Hat

DSC_2779 I just purchased these sandals and hat for the summer. I normally don’t usually wear summer hats but this year the sun is a little too much for my black hair. (Well I take it back, it is a little too much one day, and I want a jacket next day. Global warming here we come.) When it’s cold in summer, I feel slightly disappointed. However, remembering what it’s like to be in Japan during the summer time (hot and humid - you can feel the warmth when you inhale), snow in summer might be preferable comparatively.

Oh, also, I received a question about how I dress in summer. This year is a little bit of an exception as temparature changes so rapidly one day to another. However, I normally dress very simply (seems like a theme of this blog) during hot days. Very simple outfits with basic colors such as black, navy, white, and grey with interesting accessories and a pair sneakers seems to work for me during the summer. (Sometimes I wear a crazy patterned T-shirt but still with basic colors and shapes.)

I hope everybody is having a great summer. :)



I hope everybody is having a great summer. :)