Stripe Jacket

DSC_0189 This is one of my favorite jackets during spring and fall time. It is light and these stripes make the total look way more fun. I put the same tone but different textured vest and t-shirt with it. Personally, I love the combination of a t-shirt, vest, and jacket. It is one of the easiest ways to give that sophisticated casual look. Also, these Madden slip-ons are a great companion this year. They're easy to wear and their texutre is different from other slip-ons that I;ve found lately. Time to enjoy more jacket looks before summer!

Hope you are having a great spring season so far!


毎年春・秋に必ず使うストライプのジャケットです。今回は同色のTシャツとベストを合わせてみました。個人的にあまり決めすぎるのが苦手なため、Tシャツ、ベスト、ジェケットの合わせ方をすることが多いです。(特にオレゴンでは)靴は Madden のスリッポンですが、これも少し他のものと生地が違っており、楽に履けるので気に入っています。夏に近くなってきましたが、暑くなってしまう前にできるだけジャケットを楽しみたいと思いま〜す。

Hope you are having a great spring season so far!


Jacket: Zara Vest: ASOS Pants: Zara Shoes: Madden Sunnies: Komono