Safari Bird Attack

DSC_1222 We went to a river this day to hang out. I haven’t really tried safari style in the past but I’ve finally decided to do it, and here it is - safari style. It’s actually pretty comfortable and has a lovely feel to it. I added denim and these glasses to put more of my own flair. Also, I have been wearing ankle socks that show a little bit, and I really wanted to wear this pair of Charle socks from Japan. (I love the cute lines in the back) I ended up loving this outfit. I should try this kind of style more often.

Also, we found this goose while taking pictures. Lisa was taking pictures for a while, however, at one point, I guess she intruded on his territory. He then decided to attack Lisa hard (see the last picture - this was his wind up before Lisa stopped taking pictures and ran away)! lol




Jacket (Mango) Denim Vest (Zara) T-shirt (Topman) Pants (Banana Republic)

Shoes (Zara)

Socks (Charle) Sunnies (Komono)