Red White Summer Starts

DSC_2300 I’ve always wanted to try all white look during summer time. However, due to my clumsiness, all white means I cannot eat or drink anything at all. Sometimes I do it anyways, and fully expect to wash everything at night. This day, I had to be out for a while, so I couldn’t have an all stained look. I added this Mango vest to avoid any unwanted stains from spilling. This vest was perfect as it offers a kick color to my outfit and keeps me from getting wet or getting stained. Hope everybody’s having a good summer.

全身白の服装を毎年試そうと思うのですが、食事の際に食べ物を服にこぼすことを得意としている僕はなかなか真っ白を着ることができません。短時間しか外にいない時は真っ白をすることもありますが、この日は一日中外にいたため、白を汚さないためにベストを入れました。オレゴン州に長期おられる方は既に知っていると思いますが、やたらと雨の多い場所なので軽く着れるベストはすごく使いやすく重宝します。人と会う時にはささっと脱げるのも楽でいいですよね。:) Hope everybody’s having a good summer.