Professor Style

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This is the last post of 2014!

For this post, I wanted to go back to the place where this whole blogging idea started. 

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to be called up to join a research team with professors. My primarily job was to collect the data for this research from Japanese culture. It was in this research team that one of the professors showed me his blog, and how he communicates with people using it. 

Looking at this, I really wanted to have my own blog but I didn’t know what I should write about. Thanks to my friends, my answer was there all along. “Write something that I am passionate about.” 

This last post of 2014 is taken in a place where it all started with my image of an educator look. 


1: A denim shirt and stretchy denim pants keep this outfit comfortable but still slim and fitted which in my opinion is necessary to look tidy and smart.  2: The bowtie keeps this outfit a little more classic.

3: Keepin glasses on your pocket means you’re ready to read at any time.  This blog has started and been continuing because of your influence and help. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you have a fantastic new year!!