Pink x Denim Style

Pink x Denim StylePink x Denim Style DSC_0083 Pink x Denim Style Pink x Denim Style Pink x Denim Style  

I'm wearing /shirt: ASOS/ Jeans: Energie/ Bag: Orobianco/ Shoes: Cole Haan/ Sunglasses: Cole Haan

I went all-day shopping to an outlet mall near Portland. I wanted to be comfortable for this trip as I knew I would be walking around all day.

These boots are one of the most comfortable pairs I have so they fits the bill. Also, I tend to wear button up shirts when I go shopping, it makes it easier for me to try on different outfits.

This pink and blue shirt is very easy to match with denim, and matching denim with a shirt like this is a very easy way to dress down without making your look too casual. Recommended for your next shopping trip!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic week.