Oregon Country Fair - Unique Acceptance


<ENG> This is my third time to visit the Oregon Country Fair. This place is so unique, and nothing (that I have experienced) comes close to the experience I have in this place. This place has a unique atmosphere where you feel that anything goes. People are very kind and friendly, and they are willing to accept anything that you want to be.

<JPN> 今年はオレゴンに来て3度目のカントリーフェアに行ってきました。ここは、本当にユニークで、日本やニュージーランドで経験したどんな体験も同じようなものはない場所です。この場所の売りは、何と言っても人の温かさと、どんなことも受け入れてくれる懐の深さ。日本で育ったからかは分からないですが、周りからどのように見られるか。。ということを気にしてしまう自分にとっては、ここの雰囲気というのは正直アメリカに来るよりもカルチャーショックが強かったです。



<ENG>As soon as you goes through the entrance, there is just beautiful nature and trails where you find a tons of booths with hand-crafted accessaries and outfits. They can be slightly pricy but it’s understandable when you think about how much time they might have spent to craft them. Each booth reminded me of the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. It's just bigger, and the Country Fair trails seem to be the perfect fit for the whimisical items for sale.

There is music everywhere, and many people dresss up for this event. (You might have more fun dressing up yourself to really embrace the fair atmosphere, but this is not a requirement by any means. Like I said earlier, they are very accepting.)




<ENG>This is a very unique place where one can truly be themselves. Do you want to dress up to be a character from DragonBall? Go for it! You’ve always wanted to be topless in public but are too self-conscious because you are not perfectly fit? Who cares! I have seen all kinds of people at this event. Everyone seems to truly enjoy the diversity, and seems to appreciate each individaul for who they are.

First time I was at this place at the age of 21, I thought I had a bigger cultural shock than when I came to the United States. However, now that I am older, I felt like there is a lot to like about this place, the atmosphere, and the general spirit. I’m already looking forwad to visiting again next year!