Nerdy Shirt is Awesome



Ok. I don’t normally buy printed shirts as they could look really unwearable after going through the washing machine a couple of times. I tried the inside out washing method, which didn’t end up making much of a difference, and not putting it through dryer, which caused my shirt to smell like a week old chowder soup. Because of my consistent bad luck (or lack of knowledge) I generally stay away from printed shirts.

This one, however, I had to get. First of all, it was on sale for like $7 but more importantly, the newest Star Wars was the first Star Wars I’ve ever watched, and I absolutely loved it. (Yes, my friends give me a hard time for not watching the classic Star Wars) There was enough action and a good pace to keep me captivated, and a good amount of humor too. Now I have to go back and watch the old Star Wars too!

After wearing this printed shirt, I realized that printed shirts might be one of the easiest ways to put some personality in your outfit. I was wearing the jacket shown above for this day but you can certainly match a printed shirt with a blazer to look a little more sophisticated with a hint of fun nerdiness. I just watched Captain America: Civil War. Time for me to go look for some blue and red shirt.




このシャツを着て思ったのは、プリントシャツは洗濯さえ克服できれば、かなり使い回しが良いということです。この日は上のジェケットと合わせていましたが、少し暖かくなってくればジャケットを着て、もう少しきっちりした服装に「ナーディー」な服を合わせても面白そうだと思っています。数日前にキャプテンアメリカ:Civil War を見てきたので、今度はスーパーヒーローの服買ってこようと思います。😁