Smithsonian - Washington D.C.

DSC04608Today's post is a guest post by @rosesandsaffron!

Recently I took a trip to Washington D.C. and had a chance to visit some of the Smithsonian museums as well as famous landmarks. It was SO much fun!! I ended up coming back to the mall again for another day of wandering around. I've been to the various Smithsonian museums several times over the years actually, and yet I never get tired of them.There's still so much more I want to see. This trip featured a brief stop in Air and Space and a much longer stop in Natural History. Naturally I brought my camera along, and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures!



From the air and space museum - not the actual lunar landing module but one built just like it that never made it up into space, and...a plane that I embarrassingly forgot the name of. Can anyone help me out?



From the marine life exhibit at the Natural History museum. This exhibit featured a lot of cool things - there was also a real (preserved, not alive) giant squid. I took a picture of that too but it looked like something out the X-Files so it didn't make it to public consumption.



The open area right when you come in the museum. I LOVE elephants - I think they are such amazing, kind, intelligent animals. So, guess what I took a lot of time taking pictures of!



The bones exhibit was surprisingly cool - look at the snake ribs!!



The is a mummified bull. The info said it would have been considered sacred and taken care of very well. Who among the people and animals at that time would have ever thought it would have ended up unearthed and in a museum thousands of years later?



The dino fossil exhibit was sadly under renovation, but I still got to see a few. I have so many more photos to dig through and post - there was an amazing exhibit on rocks, minerals, and gemstones I spent a lot of time in too! Plus other pictures from around Washington D.C. and in Virginia, so look forward to some more guests posts from me!

Xoxo, Roses&Saffron