Lake Party in Washington



What to wear for an American lake party

We went to a lake in Washington for our nephew’s birthday party. I had a wonderful time there in Washington but I made a few newbie to the U.S. mistakes which I would love to share.

Lake party does not mean “lake” the Japanese sense.

I remember going to lakes (I used to fish all the time) in Japan. My image of a lake is something either you look at from an asphalt shore or go into a forest to find a “lake,” which is equivalent to a “mud puddle.”

Because of this expectation, I fully equipped myself with:

  • T-shirt
  • Waxed denim
  • A pair of Converse

As soon as I stepped out of our car, I realized that I was already in deep sh*t. People were walking around in their swimsuits while they carried beachballs under their arms. I’m right there with them very heavily dressed, and not willing to go into the water as waxed denim is hard to roll up high enough to not get soaked and spend the next few hours feeling miserable.

So, here is what I would have done if I knew the situation correctly:

  • T-shirt
  • Swimsuit
  • Light colored denim shorts over swimsuit
  • A pair of sandals

Well, at least I know what to wear next time. :) What do you like to wear for a lake party?







  • Tシャツ
  • ワックスが塗られたデニム
  • コンバース




  • Tシャツ
  • 水着
  • 浅い色のデニムショーツ
  • サンダル





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