iPhone Photography - Guest post by Lisa Eva, photographer

You can take wonderful photos with your smartphone! IMG_6634

When I was first starting out as a photographer (not that long ago, to be fair), I was researching cameras and trying to find one that would 1) make me magically amazing and 2) fit into my budget. I watched so many videos comparing cameras they all started to blur together. What I kept hearing as a side note in many of these videos was that the best camera is the one that’s with you. I now see how true that is. Sure, my Nikon D610 (I recently upgraded!!!) takes beautiful photos, but it’s not like I’m carrying it with me all day.

Enter the iPhone. It goes with me everywhere, and as a result, I end up taking a lot of photos with it. They probably aren’t going to win contests any time soon, but I have really come to appreciate the versatility of a smart phone. Thanks to that little camera, I’ve captured moments I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Oh, and as an aside – as all photographers already know and I quickly found out, no camera can make you good at photography all on it’s own. In my experience, that’s just practice, practice, and more practice. In my case, it’s going to take a LOT of practice. ;)

None of these photos have any filters or editing, just straight out of the phone for purposes of this post.

Bee for blog

For this one, I was on my way to see a movie and saw a bunch of bees flying around a flower bush outside the theater. I did have my Nikon with me but didn’t feel like hauling it out, so snapped this with the phone.

Water for blogI took this on my lunch break at a fountain near my work. I actually took about 20 of these because every one came out a little different and I loved them so much.

Bar for blogFor this one, I was out with friends at night and definitely didn't have my big camera. In fact, my purse was about the size of my phone. I really liked the atmosphere of this bar and luckily the picture came out ok in low light (I swear, the darkness is part of the moody atmosphere!).