How I allocate money on clothes?

DSC_2784DSC_2711DSC_2843DSC_2670DSC_2702DSC_2676DSC_2802 I visited one of my favorite coffee shops in town the other weekend. This one is called Full City. I love their pastries, and slightly crowded and dark atmosphere. (It’s probably not for everyday but sometimes I crave this kind of atmosphere.

For this slighly cloudly day, I decided to wear my leather jacket for the first time in a long time. (Last time worn in California?) I love how easily a leather jacket makes the overall outfit look good. I don’t usually buy anything too expensive. I’d rather buy in volume. Let’s face it, trends go away very fast. Because of this, I think about my personal rule when I purchase something. “Is this something I can wear for the next 10 years?” If it’s wearable, then I am ok to spend a little more money on it but everytime the answer is “no” I would rather find a similar style for 90% less price.

I know this might not be a popular idea for fashionistas out there but we all have a budget, so I like to invest rather than consume. For this outfit, I purchased everything new, however, everything was more than 50% off at the time of purchase.

Here is what I was wearing:

Leather Jacket: ASOS Shirt: J.Crew Jeans: Naked and Famous Boots: Cole Haan Sunnies: Ray-Ban

先週末は「Full City」というコーヒーストアに行ってきました。かなり狭いストアに何となく暗いイメージで、いかにもオレゴンのコーヒーストアという感じです。



というわけで、この日着ていたものは下記です。ほぼ全てのアイテムを50% OFF で購入しています。

レザージャケット: ASOS シャツ: J.Crew ジーンズ: Naked and Famous ブーツ: Cole Haan サングラス: Ray-Ban