Friend at Library

DSC_9642 I worn this jacket often when it’s raining. Synthetic jacket offers decent water protection, and there are more style and pricing options than rain gears. I purchased this on sale for less than $40. (I don’t remember exactly but it might have been less than $30) For that price, I think synthetic jackets are fantastic choice for people who live in places that rains often.

Also, I found this awesome dude at a local library. I’m not sure the history of this statue but I like seeing local arts. Luckily, Eugene offers a lot of local arts everywhere in downtown. If you are around the town, you should just walk around and see what you can find. :)


合成皮革のジャケットは安くて雨もしのげ、値段のオプションが多いので、雨ばかりのオレゴンでは必須アイテムになってきています。(このジャケットはセールで $30 ~$40 くらいだったと思います)



Jacet (Zara) Pants (ASOS) Shoes (Converse) Sunnies (Komono)