Easy Jacket Style

DSC_2455 I love the cooler days during summer. Unlike summer in Japan, Oregon is very dry and you can comfortably wear a jacket if the temparature is not too high and the sun is not beating down right on you in the middle of the day.

This jacket was surprisingly $17 on ASOS. I love keeping a cheap and well fitted jacket in case I need to meet someone or just a T-shirt is not appropriate for the occasion. (Like this day! We decided to go for a wine bar.) Ah, I love the summer time! Time to have some fun in the sun. :) DSC_2502DSC_2581DSC_2578


このジャケットは ASOS で 2000 円くらいで買ったものですが、このような細身のジャケットを一着車の中に置いておくと、急に予定が変わり人と会うことになった時にすごく便利です。(この日は急にワインバーで人と会うことになりました)日本で育った人にとっては、オレゴンの夏は本当に過ごしやすいので、今年も思いっきり楽しみたいと思います :) DSC_2552DSC_2462