Downtown Smart Jogger


Comfort is important

I just love these smart joggers. They are just so comfortable! In my opinion, being comfortable (as much as feeling confident) is an important part of fashion, especially for a guy like me who doesn't need to wear suits at work. This is one of my most important criteria when I buy my clothes.

I paired my smart joggers with an equally comfortable black shirt from Japan, and a jacket from Zara to deal with the rain. A lot of people avoid synthetic jackets, but I have found them very practical in Oregon (though you can't wear them for more than 2 or 3 years - after that they tend to wear out). Having a jacket that you are not worried about in any weather condition is a "must have" for Oregon fall through spring!

It's almost 3 PM here, gotta get a coffee and head to my office!


I'm wearing:

Jacket: Zara Shirt: Comme ca du mode Smart Jogger: ASOS Shoes: Zara