Double Breasted

DSC_8790I found this double breasted jacket from Rogue State at a thrift store in Portland. I love a very clean well tailored jackets but I thought it was kinda cool to have this slightly beat up style jacket (just the look of it - the jacket itself is very clean). I love the thrift stores as you have no idea what you can find at there. Nothing seems to be scheduled, and each store has such a different atmosphere. If you can find this jacket for less than $20, that's a pretty good deal, right? Have a beautiful day everybody. :)

DSC_8815 DSC_8976このダブルブレステッドジャケット (Rogue State) はポートランドの古着屋で発見した物です。ジャケットはきれいなスタイルが好きなのですが、このジャケットはちょっと使い古したスタイルがおもしろいな〜と思って購入しました。古着やは何が見つかるか分からない上に、各ストアが全然違う雰囲気があってすごく好きです。Rogue State のジャケットを$20以下で購入できたら超ラッキーでしょ. :)

Have a beautiful day everybody!


Jacket (Rogue State) Pants (Zara) Shoes (Bostonian) Sunnies (Komono)