Denim and Jacket

DSC_8345I found this pair of Coach shoes at a local second hand store a long time ago. I forgot about them but I found them again when I was organizing my closet. Back when I purchased them, I was wearing more formal outfits but time has changed and I've become more casual now. I wanted to mix what it was like back when I got these shoes and how I dress now for this outfit. Also, when we took these photos, it was raining outside so we decided to take them in one of our favorite buildings at University of Oregon. Hope you enjoy!

DSC_8390 DSC_8417最近クローゼットの整理中に数年前に古着屋で買ったコーチの靴を見つけました。この靴を買った当時は今よりもフォーマルな服装をしており、歳をとる毎にカジュアルな服装になってきています。この日は雨が降っていたので、オレゴン大学のビジネススクールの中で写真を撮ってます。以前のフォーマルな服装をデニムのベストや白のTシャツを挟んで今の自分の服装のイメージにしてみました。やっぱり服装はその時の自分のイメージに合わせるのが一番ですよね。Hope you enjoy! DSC_8384 DSC_8418

Jacket: ASOS Denim Vest: Zara Pants: Zara Shoes: Coach Sunnies: Komono