Comfort With Sneaker

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I recently purchased these Nike shoes, and was dying to put them up on this blog!

They are super comfortable and can be a good accent color for my winter outfit which tends to be dark in general.

I have had a tendency to exclusively purchase retro looking sneakers since I was in high school. Those modern-style Nike sneakers definitely give me a diffent look from my usuals.

For this particular outfit, I matched them with an ASOS smart jogger (they do look like a suit pants) and Zara bomber jacket.

It was a very cold day but this jacket kept me warm and the smart jogger and sneakers made it possible to randomly try cardio excercise if I needed to! lol

Combining comfort with a modern outfit gives anyone that chic look with a modern twist. Why not try this winter if you haven’t already!

Have a great day and stay warm for this cold season. :)

I'm wearing | Jacket: Zara | Pants: ASOS Smart Jogger | Shoes: Nike | Shades: Ray-Ban |