At Coffee Store x Navy Blazer

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Here is an outfit from the day Lisa and I visited a local coffee shop. Much to our surprise, the half of the area lost its power on this day, and we struggled to get a cup of coffee. lol

I wanted to put together an effortless outfit for this as this day was to enjoy coffee, conversation, and our books. For an occasion like this, I like using a navy blazer.

I have used navy blazers mutiple times on this blog but it still is my “go to item.” If you are in a line of work that does not force you to wear suits (like my job), having one navy blazer makes it easier for you to dress up and dress down.

If you are thinking about investing in one blazer, a navy blazer is the way to go!!





What am I wearing? Blazer: Zara Smart Jogger: ASOS Shoes: Cole Haan Shades: Ray-Ban