Classic Style with Sneakers

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Here is a classic style tied with a pair of white sneakers. I love wearing this kind of style when I need to dress up a little.

Hi-neck shirts keep you warm and comfortable during winter, and a winter blazer adds a little bit of classic taste to the outfit. I personally enjoy wearing classic styles with sneakers as my work allows me to be casual.

Also, this is the first year I started to wear Lacoste sneakers, and I found them surprisingly comfortable. I own two pairs, and wore one of them in Japan and walked everywhere in them without any discomfort. (I need to try them out more but they feel extremely solid and I definitely recommended them at this point.)

This style goes with sneakers (like the way I dressed here) as well as dress shoes if you need to be dressed up a little more.

I’m wearing | Jacket: River Island | Pants: Zara | Hi-neck: ASOS | Shoes: Lacoste | Shades: Ray-Ban |