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Gingham shirt

I have been into gingham shirts lately. They are easy to put together and they can be an interesting pattern for both casual and formal styles. Here, I'm wearing a smaller gingham patterned shirt, however, big patterns are great for this kind of outfit, too.

This type of outfit is perfect for casual Fridays (if you have it at work) or weekends. This style keeps you looking sharp enough for your casual day, and the gingham pattern provides a little bit of playfulness.

How to choose the right shirt?

One important aspect of choosing the right shirt (or anything really) is to pick the right fit. I don't mean a perfectly tailored fit, but a shirt that does not have bagginess under your arms and at your sides. (Keep in mind this is for off the rack advice. If you can tailor your shirt, then you are good to go.)

I found a lot of shirts to be this way around here. The shoulders fit fine but they are too big around my ribs. This type of fit will make you look like Jack Sparrow. So unless you are currently on a journey to the treasure, I would not recommend it.

I like Zara, ASOS, and J-Crew for their fit but this is something you should try and decide what brand shirt compliments your body type. My general criteria are:

A: Buttons are not pulling so much that you can see the skin or undershirt (too tight).

B: Armpit area is very well fitted to the point that it makes you want to put on twice as much deodorant.

If the above statements are true, I generally find a shirt well fitted.

I hope this is helpful for your next shirt shopping! Happy shopping, and have a wonderful day. :)





日本では M/L のあたりの服がぴったりなのですが、アメリカでは S サイズを買ってもブカブカなことが多いです。シャツは気持ちきつめの方がカッコよく見えると思うのですが、アメリカでは全く違うイメージなのかもしれないですね。というわけで、僕はアメリカで直接買いに行くときは J-Crew が多く、オンラインでは Zara や ASOS を買うことが多いです。


Happy Shopping!