Very Casual-Brown shoes

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 Casual Style with Brown Shoes

Found these brown shoes a few months ago at a used store. This is not a style that I usually jump on but this particular pair was very attractive to the point that I couldn't miss the opportunity. (We all know if you don't buy any item at the used store when you find them, they are likely to be gone by the next visit.)

These shoes happened to be one of my favorites right away, as they are comfortable and I get compliments on them everywhere I go.

I don't know who makes these shoes as there is no tag or mark or anything on it. (Does anybody know?)

Also, I love this kind of style especially when I need to sit at a cafe or library for a long period of time to get my work done as this style gives me comfort and mobility at the same time. (Just put jackets on and you are off to get a coffee!)

Recommended for your busy weekend!


What am I wearing?

Jacket: Real Words (from Japan) Denim Jacket: ASOS Jeans: Diesel Shoes: unknown Shades: FENDI