Camo Style

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I'm wearing | Shirt: H&M | Pants: Banana Republic | Shoes: Cole Haan | Sunglasses: Cole Haan | Glasses: Giorgio Armani |

I was so excited when I found these camo pants at Banana Republic. I am a huge fan of camo, and had been looking for them for a long time without any luck.

Now, thankfully camouflage is back in style again, and with that trend it became significantly easier to find camouflage items.

This particular pair gives me a great fit and does not look baggy at all (I've found a lot of pairs around here that are slightly too baggy to wear with anything but very casual items such as a t-shirt).

I wanted to give this style a slightly more classic look than just white shirt, so I added suspenders from H&M.

This was a great day and I am so glad that camouflage is back in style. If you are looking for a new item for this fall, why not add camouflage to your collection?

Hope everybody's having a great day.