Bus Stop - $100 Haul Challenge/Collaboration

men's fashionmen's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion This post is a collaboration with a fellow blogger MarcVillain!

We thought it would be fun to try to coordinate an outfit for under $100  (accessories excluded). It was super fun to have a specific budget and try to make the best outfit with it.

So here is what I did.

The Style Eclectic - $100 Haul Challenge!

Living in Eugene, Oregon, there aren't many trendy stores where you can purchase things for under $100. Because of this I got most of my stuff online and from local second-hand stores.

I'm wearing

Jacket: ASOS $28. 43

Shirt: ASOS $17.5

Jeans: A&F $18.5 (new at a used store - score!)

Shoes: Mezlan $35 (used in good condition)

So, that is my outfit. (total $99.43)

I added black scarf to add more volume on my neck line for fun. :)

MarcVillain - $100 Haul Challenge!

Here is what MarcVillain did! (More pics and info on his site. Definitely go check it out!) He went for a nice Malibu weather style, and he did a fantastic job!

Thanks MarcVillain! That was really fun. :)