Blue x Grey

TheStyleEclecticIt's getting warmer, and I'm so grateful for it. Oregon is having "unusual weather" this year. (notice it's quoted as seems like we are saying that every year). It has been very dry and warm. This gives us a lot of choices when it comes to choosing our outfits. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. Although my default outfit is very very casual, I put my jacket on to meet some people this day. I used a grey and grey combo with my jacket and tie, which is something I do a lot when I dress up. Lisa and I decided to stop by one of our favorite coffee stores in town - Full City - and got some goodies for ourselves. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

TheStyleEclectic TheStyleEclectic今年は本当に良い天気が続いているオレゴン州です。デフォルトのスタイルはかなりのカジュアルなのですが、この日はたくさんの会う人達がいたのでジャケットを着ていました。最近ネクタイの色とジャケットの色を合わせるのにちょっとハマっていて、写真では大好きなグレーを合わせています。ミーティングの帰りはリサとフルシティーでコーヒーを!50%オフだったのでとんでもない数のペイストリーを買ってしまい、この日から数日ペイストリーばかり食べていました。w

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

TheStyleEclectic TheStyleEclectic

Jacket (River Island) Shirt (ASOS) Jeans (Naked and Famous) Shoes (Bostonian) Sunnies (Ray-Ban)