Black Coat for Winter

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The First Coat

Had a visit to the UO museum today. Unfortunately, we were too late to get in but had a good time just looking at the architecture of this museum from outside, lol.

So, instead of going to the museum, we decided to just go for a walk with a cup of coffee. Here I'm wearing a coat from ASOS, and I have to say this was one of the best purchases of this winter so far.

This coat kept me warm during harsh cold weather (thankfully we didn't get too many cold snaps though), and it's just so comfortable. The best part was that this purchase was around $100 on sales and with a coupon which is not a bad price for a brand new coat at all.

I'm not a huge fan of cold days but when I have an appropriate item, and got a bargain for it? I totally welcome cold weather. :)

Happy shopping!

Btw, I purchased these Ray-Ban shades from Buffalo Exchange in Eugene for around $55 or $60. This is a great second-hand store in Eugene that carries really good quality items at a very affordable price. Beyond that, the reason why I go back there all the time is that every single staff person there is friendly and nice! (Of course, they are also very fashionable.) Go check them out if you are in town!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene Oregon

I'm wearing:

Coat & Shirt & waist coat: ASOS Pants: Zara (at the time of writing this, Zara has a last minute sale) Shoes: Florsheim (Currently up to 40% clearance sale)



この日は今年 ASOS で買ったコートを着ていたのですが、このコート新品で100ドルくらいでした。(セール中+クーポン)



ちなみに、このレイバンは地元の古着屋 Buffalo Exchange で見つけたのですが、大体60ドル位でした。全てが安いお店というわけではないですが、納得出来る値段と何よりスタッフの対応が最高です!(みんなすごくフレンドリー)

もし Eugene Oregon に来ることがあれば、Buffalo Exchange は超オススメです。英語がうまく喋れなくてもすごく優しく対応してくれるので、英語の勉強だと思って是非行ってみてください!