Black Bomber Style

DSC_0405_2 DSC_0067 DSC_0041 DSC_0210 DSC_0184 DSC_0294 It was a fantastic day to take pictures. Something about the cold air and bright sun shine makes me want to go outside and try something new (and I learned a lot about lighting when taking pictures!).

For some reason, I had shied away from bomber jackets in the past, even though I've always wanted to try to wear them. I saw this one for a great price on sale, and finally decided to try a bomber jacket.

After wearing this one for a month or so, I have to say that the bomber jacket is one of the greatest items for casual style. They are warm and they tend to match any pants that I have tried so far. However, my pants tend to be slim fit, and because the jacket itself gives volume on top, it might not go too well with baggier pants (I have to try and see).

If you haven't already, and you tend to wear slim fit pants, I would strongly recommend having one bomber jacket in your wardrobe. :)

Have a a great day everyone!

I'm wearing | Jacket: ASOS | Pants: Zara | T-shirt: Takeo Kikuchi | Shoes: Steve Madden |