At Business Building

men's fashionmen's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion men's fashion DSC_0098 I came here to read my book today. They have such fantastic reading spaces, and the atomospher there makes me feel very smart. I thought that was a good enough reason to spend time here, lol.

I have been into reading the last few years. It’s mostly biographies and business books but I’ve been trying to read more novels. (It took me a while but it’s finally time to read Game of Thrones.) If you have any suggestions for easy to read novels, please let me know.

For this outfit, I went with a green and black theme, and I added beige pants to keep it simple. Also, I used a red shirt to add some color.

Now, I have to talk about my socks. These socks are one of my best purchases of the last year. They can go with so many outfits as I almost always have one of those colors in my outfit (green x black x grey).

If you have any particular color that you always wear, it’s worth investing in a pair of socks that:

A: Contain the colors you wear B: Are not too bright colored so that you can wear them with any outfit

When these two points are covered, that pair would be your “go-to socks” during the cold season.

There are still lots of holiday sales left! Happy shopping everybody. :)




まだカラフルな靴下を持っていなければ、まだホリデーのセールが残っている今がチャンス! Happy Shopping! :)