Urban Adventurer


I have been living here in Oregon for a decade at this point, and realizing that there are so much about Oregon that I don’t know yet. I have always been little hesitant to start anything new. Something that I know I’m good at is unquestionably more comfortable. However, to live the life you cannot re-live, I’ve decided to explore things around me more aggressively. So this is my adventurer outfit. I hate to the idea that everything must be expensive to look like who you are, so here are my choices.

Vest and Denim - Zara Denim shirt - American Eagle Sweater - H&M

While I tend to go cheap on my clothes, I usually spend a little more for my shoes, bags, and sunglasses because I use them a lot longer than my clothes.

Boots - Cole Haan Backpack - Mission Work Shop Sunglasses - Rayban

If you can spare $1000 for your everyday outfit - good for you! - but most of us have budgets we have to try to follow. I like finding ways to look the way I want to present myself to the world without breaking the bank and without replacing everything so often. How do you shop for your clothes? Do you shop for some expensive items and keep the rest cheap? Do you but everything more expensive but purchase fewer things in total?


ベスト and デニム - Zara デニムシャツ - American Eagle セーター - H&M


ブーツ - Cole Haan バックパック - Mission Work Shop サングラス - Rayban