Almost there to the Spring



Ever since I started to ride on motorcycles (yes, I unnecessarily ride multiple motorcycles), I have been wearing vest jackets quite frequently. They keep me warm while riding, and are easy to match with anything. Here is a vest that I've worn a lot for the past few months. This one is very thick and has unique material.

Any kind of vest jacket would be a great companion for any outdoor activity, and depending on the thickness of the vest, you can wear them underneath your suit jacket. (This combo was very popular last winter.) If you don’t have any yet and are thinking about getting one, make sure to get the correct thickness for your needs. This will vary depending on your liking but I generally wear a thick vest with tall neckline for outdoor activities, as well as when I use them as an outer layer or wear them over my jacket.

I wear relatively thin material with short neckline when I wear them under my jacket or layer them with other thin materials such as a T-shirt. I hope this helps. Now go grab one, and get out there to enjoy outdoor activities.