Mountain Man in Town

I have been liking round glasses for both my prescription glasses and my sunglasses. When I was younger, I thought this type of glasses was the last thing I would wear. Maybe it’s because I associated this shape with eccentric scientists or older gentlemen from the old days. I guess I must be becoming an older gentleman myself now because I currently really like round glasses and even prefer them to some “younger” styles.

It’s funny how you adjust your style according to a stereotype. Also, this might be the very reason that the style never really goes away. What do you think of round glasses? Are they yay or meh?


UO Ducks Begins

<ENG>Just hopped in to watch the spring game for the Oregon Ducks. I’ve never attended this game before, however, according to people who know well about this event, this year the stadium was amazingly packed. To get in, you need to bring some canned food that they will donate to Food for Lane County. This alone is a good reason to go to this event.

<JPN>初めてダックス スプリングゲームに行ってきました。このゲームでは新しく加入したメンバーがどのようなプレーができるかを見ることができます。前回までと比べると参加人数が劇的に増えたようで、来年から参加される方は、車での入場を待つより歩く方がオススメです。入場には缶詰を持参し、入場時に渡すのですが、わたした缶詰は Food for Lane County に寄付されます。食べ物がない人の役に立てて、ゲームも観れるのであれば最高ですよね。


<ENG>This kid knows how to rock foot ball games.



<ENG>If you look around, there are many events we can attend even around Eugene area. I have been trying out 4 months of “experiments” to explore the world starting with Oregon. My goal is to go around the world, and take everybody with me via this blog. Thanks for everybody’s support, and let’s make the most of our lives.

<JPN>少し探すだけで Eugene 内でも参加できるイベントはたくさんありました。今4ヶ月間の「Experiment」をしています。4ヶ月の間は、時間が許す限りオレゴン内を旅してみようと思います。(アメリカは広大なため、オレゴンだけでもかなりの範囲になります)現時点のゴールとしては、世界中を旅し、このブログを通してみんなを連れて行きたいと思っています。本当にリーダーの皆さんにはいつもサポート頂き感謝しています。一度しかない人生を思いっきり楽しみましょう!

How I allocate money on clothes?


I visited one of my favorite coffee shops in town the other weekend. This one is called Full City. I love their pastries, and slightly crowded and dark atmosphere. (It’s probably not for everyday but sometimes I crave this kind of atmosphere.

For this slighly cloudly day, I decided to wear my leather jacket for the first time in a long time. (Last time worn in California?) I love how easily a leather jacket makes the overall outfit look good. I don’t usually buy anything too expensive. I’d rather buy in volume. Let’s face it, trends go away very fast. Because of this, I think about my personal rule when I purchase something. “Is this something I can wear for the next 10 years?” If it’s wearable, then I am ok to spend a little more money on it but everytime the answer is “no” I would rather find a similar style for 90% less price.

I know this might not be a popular idea for fashionistas out there but we all have a budget, so I like to invest rather than consume. For this outfit, I purchased everything new, however, everything was more than 50% off at the time of purchase.

Here is what I was wearing:

Leather Jacket: ASOS
Shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Naked and Famous
Boots: Cole Haan
Sunnies: Ray-Ban

先週末は「Full City」というコーヒーストアに行ってきました。かなり狭いストアに何となく暗いイメージで、いかにもオレゴンのコーヒーストアという感じです。



というわけで、この日着ていたものは下記です。ほぼ全てのアイテムを50% OFF で購入しています。

レザージャケット: ASOS
シャツ: J.Crew
ジーンズ: Naked and Famous
ブーツ: Cole Haan
サングラス: Ray-Ban



<English> I love the image of going into a local bakery on Sunday. Maybe this is how I envisioned what “foreign living” would be like. Yes, it might be cliche but, TV shows like “Friends” were really my idea of what I would experience in the U.S. The reality was a little different. It was living the same life in English, and in a different culture. It’s probably the same going to Japan. You probably have an image of temples and buddism that we see in the movies. It’s a part of Japan, but you will find yourself in super busy big city. Living in the foreign country was not exactly what I thought, however, it doesn’t mean I cannot make it close to what I thought it was. (After all, life is what you make of, right?) I learned that the trick to have the lifestyle that I dreamt of is not to change the location but to change the way I live and view my lifestyle. So, here is my attempt to change my Sundays a little from what they have been, and attempt to make my life how I want to live. Life is too short to not try the best lifestyle I want to have!

<Japanese>日曜日に地元のコーヒーストアで美味しいコーヒーを飲み、地元のパン屋さんでフランスパンを買って帰ってくる – というイメージがアメリカに来る前の僕のアメリカ生活のイメージでした。残念ながら、アメリカに実際に来ると、イメージとは全く違い「日本の生活を英語と異文化の中でやる」という生活を数年間過ごしました。僕が間違えていた部分は、アメリカに来たからアメリカの生活ができるのではなく、今までの自分の生活を見直し、アメリカの生活に自分の生活を変えるから、イメージ通りの生活ができるようです。というわけで、このポストが僕の最近の日曜日です。バイクでコーヒーストアとパン屋をめぐり、自分が描いていた「アメリカ生活」を送れるよう、毎日生活の見直しをしています。人生は一度限りで思ったよりも全然短いものだと感じます。後悔しないように、毎日自分の夢見たイメージに近づけるように努力しようと思います。

Urban Adventurer



I have been living here in Oregon for a decade at this point, and realizing that there are so much about Oregon that I don’t know yet. I have always been little hesitant to start anything new. Something that I know I’m good at is unquestionably more comfortable. However, to live the life you cannot re-live, I’ve decided to explore things around me more aggressively. So this is my adventurer outfit. I hate to the idea that everything must be expensive to look like who you are, so here are my choices.

Vest and Denim – Zara
Denim shirt – American Eagle
Sweater – H&M

While I tend to go cheap on my clothes, I usually spend a little more for my shoes, bags, and sunglasses because I use them a lot longer than my clothes.

Boots – Cole Haan
Backpack – Mission Work Shop
Sunglasses – Rayban

If you can spare $1000 for your everyday outfit – good for you! – but most of us have budgets we have to try to follow. I like finding ways to look the way I want to present myself to the world without breaking the bank and without replacing everything so often. How do you shop for your clothes? Do you shop for some expensive items and keep the rest cheap? Do you but everything more expensive but purchase fewer things in total?


ベスト and デニム – Zara
デニムシャツ – American Eagle
セーター – H&M


ブーツ – Cole Haan
バックパック – Mission Work Shop
サングラス – Rayban


Almost there to the Spring


Ever since I started to ride on motorcycles (yes, I unnecessarily ride multiple motorcycles), I have been wearing vest jackets quite frequently. They keep me warm while riding, and are easy to match with anything. Here is a vest that I’ve worn a lot for the past few months. This one is very thick and has unique material. Any kind of vest jacket would be a great companion for any outdoor activity, and depending on the thickness of the vest, you can wear them underneath your suit jacket. (This combo was very popular last winter.) If you don’t have any yet and are thinking about getting one, make sure to get the correct thickness for your needs. This will vary depending on your liking but I generally wear a thick vest with tall neckline for outdoor activities, as well as when I use them as an outer layer or wear them over my jacket. I wear relatively thin material with short neckline when I wear them under my jacket or layer them with other thin materials such as a T-shirt. I hope this helps. Now go grab one, and get out there to enjoy outdoor activities.