Early Spring Days



We had an unseasonably warm day here today. It was amazing, and I was ready to get out my summer wardrobe! (Later on it rained like crazy though, so good thing I made it home before that.) I went with a simple outfit, since sunny days always bring out my laid-back side. It’s fun to be monochromatic but add interesting details like the jogger-style pinstripe pants and shiny messenger bag. By the way, the last picture is of a delicious food cart – I love eating outside in the sunshine!



Mickey and Jeans

These photos were forgotten for a while. I have been pretty busy with new challenges in my life lately. Starting with a promotion at work (well..kinda), and my motorcycle has been keeping me busy traveling every minute of my free time. I got into a motorcycle accident when I was in high-school, and I never thought I would start riding one again but there is nothing like a motorcycle that makes me feel free and thrilled at the same time. (I’m much older now so I am driving responsibly! lol)

When I ride on my motorcycle for a long time, my hair gets really messed up from wearing a helmet and I can’t really wear super nice or thin materials just in case I fall. Here is how I normally dress.

1: Easy and not too tight jeans (I know I should probably wear protective gear but I haven’t found one yet around here)

2: T-shirt and extra vest

3: Leather jacket (this is why you need a vest in the summer. Your T-shirt will be soaked from sweat after riding with a leather jacket in 100 degrees)

4: I am not wearing them here but I always have extra pair of boots with me

5: Messenger bag that can carry everything that I listed here and some extra gadgets for work

I have been trying to live very minimalistically lately. I’m not sure how this new lifestyle is going to work for me but I am excited to try new things, and see how it works out!












I’m wearing:
T-shirt (ASOS)
Vest (Zara)
Jeans (Diesel)
Shoes (Converse)
Watch (Apple)
Beanie (Takeo Kikuchi)
Sunnies (Ray-ban)