<English> I love the image of going into a local bakery on Sunday. Maybe this is how I envisioned what “foreign living” would be like. Yes, it might be cliche but, TV shows like “Friends” were really my idea of what I would experience in the U.S. The reality was a little different. It was living the same life in English, and in a different culture. It’s probably the same going to Japan. You probably have an image of temples and buddism that we see in the movies. It’s a part of Japan, but you will find yourself in super busy big city. Living in the foreign country was not exactly what I thought, however, it doesn’t mean I cannot make it close to what I thought it was. (After all, life is what you make of, right?) I learned that the trick to have the lifestyle that I dreamt of is not to change the location but to change the way I live and view my lifestyle. So, here is my attempt to change my Sundays a little from what they have been, and attempt to make my life how I want to live. Life is too short to not try the best lifestyle I want to have!

<Japanese>日曜日に地元のコーヒーストアで美味しいコーヒーを飲み、地元のパン屋さんでフランスパンを買って帰ってくる – というイメージがアメリカに来る前の僕のアメリカ生活のイメージでした。残念ながら、アメリカに実際に来ると、イメージとは全く違い「日本の生活を英語と異文化の中でやる」という生活を数年間過ごしました。僕が間違えていた部分は、アメリカに来たからアメリカの生活ができるのではなく、今までの自分の生活を見直し、アメリカの生活に自分の生活を変えるから、イメージ通りの生活ができるようです。というわけで、このポストが僕の最近の日曜日です。バイクでコーヒーストアとパン屋をめぐり、自分が描いていた「アメリカ生活」を送れるよう、毎日生活の見直しをしています。人生は一度限りで思ったよりも全然短いものだと感じます。後悔しないように、毎日自分の夢見たイメージに近づけるように努力しようと思います。

First Comicon in Eugene


Eugene had its first Comicon in November 2015! I went to enjoy the fun events and amazing cosplays (and support a new local event of course). I was so impressed with everyone’s costumes – from funny to serious, babies to adults, and low-budget to professional. Next year I’m totally dressing up! I haven’t decided what to go as, though, so if you have any ideas throw them my way!!

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Fun Activity – Motorcycle


I got my motorcycle license this year and have been having so much fun on my bike ever since! I used to ride a motorcycle in Japan, but got into an accident and stopped for a long time. When I finally decided to get my license here in the U.S., I was surprised how easy it was. (Getting the license, not necessarily driving the motorcycle, although I remembered how eventually.) I didn’t really think I’d ride a bike again, but I decided to take a calculated risk. I wanted to enjoy riding again, even if it can be dangerous, knowing that to me the risk is worth the reward. I have been having such a great time taking my little bike all over town and out for country rides. It’s such a great way to see our beautiful state, and it feels so free! But definitely, at all times, wear a helmet!!

When choosing my biking gear, I did a lot of research on safety features. Of course, I wanted it all to be fashionable too! I got a lot of fun things online (like my helmet/goggles), and also found a great local store with nice gear and super friendly service. I’m still always on the hunt for good bike gear, so let me know if you have any suggestions!
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