Polette California Collection Review



Polette California Collection

I teamed up with Polette to review this gorgeous pair of glasses from their California collection. Before I go into my review, I think it’s worth mentioning that when I got this pair, I thought they were too good for the price. Therefore, I took some extra time to do this review to find their flaws. (Personally, I think a negative review is just as important as the positive one.)

I spent an extra week (about 3 weeks total) to review this pair, and I have to say so far, I am very impressed by this pair. Usually, at this price point, the frame is flimsy and you can hear the sound of plastic forced to move while trying to put them on.

It might be because this California collection is a metal frame, but I can’t feel the cheapness in the frame at all. This is very impressive for $49.99 USD glasses. I had to say it because even though I received these glasses for free, I was genuinely impressed by them.

So here is my review:

Style & Line-up
Once you open up their website, you will instantly find a lot of collections, including the pair I’m wearing on this post. What I like about their collections is that you can pick conservative frames, however, you can also pick very unique frames such this one. Because of this, it is very likely that one can find the style that he/she wants to try for the next pair.

My face shape is oblong/diamond meaning I have relatively shorter face horizontally but it is long vertically. For this face shape, these glasses were just perfect. However, for people who have rounder face shape, there’s a chance this particular pair might feel slightly tighter around your temples. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I recommend looking for a pair that suits your face type.

They have variety of prices on their website, however, most of them run from $20~$40 USD, and single vision lens adds another $9.99 for this plus shipping cost. (They have a worldwide $5.99 USD delivery charge.) This brings the cost of one pair to around $35~$55 ish, and the California collection to be around $65, which is not bad at all for a pair of glasses with this quality.

I am very surprised to find out that a pair of glasses with this price can be this good. This pair was given to me from the good people at Polette. (Thanks Polette!!) However, I have no doubt that I would purchase another pair from them sometimes soon to feel fresh all the time. Oh, and for those who need a computer glasses, they have a whole different collection here.

Go check out Polette!



前回に引き続き、今回もメガネのレビューです。今回は Polette とチームアップし、彼らの California Collection をレビューしました。このレビューは、本当は2週間ほどでアップする予定だったのですが、なかなかネガティブな場所が見つからなかったため、かなり時間を要してしまいました。(ネガティブな場所を見つけるのは、レビューをする中ではポジティブな部分より大事だと思っています)


Polette のウェブサイトを開くとすぐにわかりますが、ここでは、いろいろな形・質感・大きさのメガネを見つけることができます。このショップのいいとこは、今回れビューをした、比較的おとなしい形のメガネもさることながら、かなり奇抜な形のメガネや、フレームが木造のものまで購入することができます。これだけの形が揃っていると、誰でも「あっ、いいかな」と思えるフレームが見つかることはほぼ間違いなく、おもしろみもあるため、性を問わず気分を変えるためのメガネも購入することができます。

3週間かけ続けて、唯一問題が出る可能性のある部分としてあげるのであれば、ここだと思います。僕は縦長の顔の形をしているため、横は比較的細く、縦に長い顔なのですが、California Collection に関しては、横の幅がないため、丸型の顔の人が長時間かけると問題が出る可能性があるのではないかと思います。そのため、この形は、横幅があまりない人にオススメです。

Polette のコレクションは、平均的に $29.99~$49.99 USD になっています。そのため、日本円に直すと約3000円〜5000円くらいになり、これに$9.99 ~ のレンズがつきます。世界中 $5.99 の送料であるため、現時点で $39.99 のメガネと $9.99 のシングルビジョンレンズを買った場合、5640円くらいになります。個人的には、この値段でこのクオリティーであれば、全く文句がない値段だと思います。

あり得ない値段!というわけではないですが、この値段であれば、今ままでかけた中では一番クオリティーは高く、色々な形が楽しめるため、とても良いブランドだと思います。今回僕がかけているメガネは Polette から頂いたものですが、個人的に木造のフレームやもうちょっと変わった色のものを購入したいと思っています。また、コンピューター用のメガネを探している人は、このリンクから見つけることもできます。

新しいメガネで気分一新したいけど、あんまりお金を出したくない。。。という人は Polette オススメです。



Glassesshop.com review



I teamed up with Glassesshop.com to review their product.

I wear glasses, and I’m kind of picky about comfort and style. I hate having to wear glasses after getting a mild headache, and always love to try new styles when I get a new pair. I also change the shape of my glasses based on my mood and outfit, so it is important for me to purchase a pair without breaking the bank. Those are my criteria for picking a new pair of glasses. If this is your style too, this review might help you so tag along with me.


今回、Glassesshop.com とチームアップし、彼らのメガネをレビューすることになりました。


僕がメガネを買う際に店側に求めるものは、1:豊富なセレクション、2:かけ心地のよさ、3:値段です。メガネは自分のムードや服装によって変えるため、できるだけ多く所持しておきたいのですが、値段が高いと必然的に少数になり、アウトドアアクティビティにも消極的になってしまうため、3はかなり重要です。上記1、2、3が自分にも当てはまると思った人は、是非 Glassesshop.com のレビューを読んでみてください。



Style & Line-up

First off, Glassesshop.com has a huge selection so everyone can find something they like. You can go find their glasses lineup from this link. They have variety of glasses frames from “rectangle, square, round, aviator, wayfarer, cat eye, and oval.” Yes, it is kind of overwhelming if you haven’t shopped glasses online so you can just quickly check out their best sellers as well if that’s preferable. In my case, I wanted round glasses, so I just searched for a round shape, and found the pair in this review.


The pair I got was these round prescription glasses. This pair was a tad bigger than I expected (I guess this is the hardest part of buying a pair of glasses online), however, it actually worked well for me. When you purchase round glasses that are big, you don’t experience that annoying “I am looking at the frame of my glasses” moment. It is very distrupting to have to adjust your glasses every time you look up after working on your computer for a while.

Since I only have one pair to review, I cannot speak for all other pairs, but because of the thin frame, this one is extremely comfortable to wear for a long time and did not notice even a bit of disruption while I was working at my desk. These frames are obviously not super high end frames but this sort of comfort level was something I wasn’t expecting for a pair in this price range.


I guess this is a perfect segue for the topic of price. From what I can see, their average price range is something like $30-$40 ish unless you pick the weekely deals which range from $9-$30 ish. This price range gives all of us the advantage of purchasing a new shape. And the best part is that if you wear single vision prescription glasses, you can get these lenses for free when you purchase a frame.

With this kind of price range, you cannot go wrong. In the worst case senerio, you need a few minutes of your time to return them (shipping fee is on the purchaser, and there will be a re-stocking fee), or you will keep them as an extra around-the-house pair.

For full disclosure, I did team up with this company, so I did not pay for this pair, however, for this price ($29.95 on their website at the time of this writing, and this is the link), I would certainly purchase another new exciting pair from them. They also offer prescription sunglasses so for those who do not wear contact lenses.

One last thing I’m really excited about is that Glassesshop.com kindly offered my readers a pretty great discount code! Use “GSHOT50” when you shop at Glassesshop.com, which will give you 50% off to your next purchase. Hope you enjoy a new pair of glasses for the fall season!

*Each link will take you to 1: main website, 2: eyewear selections, and 3: sunglasses selection, and 4: the pair I’m wearing here.




現時点では、ウェブサイトが英語表示になっているため、注文をする際には英語でのナビゲートが必要になります。ナビゲーションとしては、ウェブサイトの左手にある選択肢の中から自分に合ったオプション(Gender, Shape, Color など)を選びます。選ぶ際には全ての選択肢に答える必要はないため、オススメは Shape 内で自分の好きな形を選ぶとわかりやすいと思います。探し始めるとすぐに分かりますが、Shape で見てもかなりの量があります。これだけあると、自分の好きなものは高い確率で見つかりますが、慣れていないと、探すのが大変に感じるかもしれないです。見ていてしんどくなってしまうようであれば、Best sellers (よく売れているもの)もしくは、Weekly Deals (今週のセール)から選択するのもオススメです。僕は丸いフレームのメガネが欲しかったため、Round から今回のフレームをピックしました。




値段。。の話が出たところで一番気になるトピックに移りましょう。このウェブサイト内では、平均的に$30-$40 (約3000円〜4000円) の値段になっています。遠近両用のメガネでない限り、レンズの値段は無料となっているため、フレームのところに表示されている値段での購入になっています。特に、Weekly Deals のセール商品から選ぶと、$9-$30 (約1000円〜3000円) でメガネが購入できるため、ちょっとかけてみたかったけど、思い切って買えなかった。。というフレームを買うことができるのがいいところ。最悪の場合でも、家用のメガネが一つ増えたと思えば、ほぼメガネの購入で失敗することはないと思います。

今回は、Glassesshop.com がメガネを送ってくれたため、自分では購入はしていませんが、この値段であれば、今後も新しい色や形を試したい時はここで購入しようと思っています。コンタクトレンズをつけていない人には、度入りのサングラスも作ってもらうことができます。

このブログの読者に向けて、Glassesshop.com が「GSHOT50」のクーポンコードを提供してくれました。このコードを購入時に登録すると、すでに安い値段から更に50%オフになるので、試してみたかったけど勇気が出なかったメガネの形を購入する際に是非試してみてください。Hope you enjoy a new pair of glasses for the fall season!

*ここに入っているリンクをクリックすると、Glassesshop.com の1:メインサイト、2:メガネのセレクション、3:サングラスのセレクション、4:僕がかけているメガネへと飛びます。




Smithsonian – Washington D.C.

Today’s post is a guest post by @rosesandsaffron!

Recently I took a trip to Washington D.C. and had a chance to visit some of the Smithsonian museums as well as famous landmarks. It was SO much fun!! I ended up coming back to the mall again for another day of wandering around. I’ve been to the various Smithsonian museums several times over the years actually, and yet I never get tired of them.There’s still so much more I want to see. This trip featured a brief stop in Air and Space and a much longer stop in Natural History. Naturally I brought my camera along, and I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!



From the air and space museum – not the actual lunar landing module but one built just like it that never made it up into space, and…a plane that I embarrassingly forgot the name of. Can anyone help me out?



From the marine life exhibit at the Natural History museum. This exhibit featured a lot of cool things – there was also a real (preserved, not alive) giant squid. I took a picture of that too but it looked like something out the X-Files so it didn’t make it to public consumption.



The open area right when you come in the museum. I LOVE elephants – I think they are such amazing, kind, intelligent animals. So, guess what I took a lot of time taking pictures of!



The bones exhibit was surprisingly cool – look at the snake ribs!!



The is a mummified bull. The info said it would have been considered sacred and taken care of very well. Who among the people and animals at that time would have ever thought it would have ended up unearthed and in a museum thousands of years later?



The dino fossil exhibit was sadly under renovation, but I still got to see a few. I have so many more photos to dig through and post – there was an amazing exhibit on rocks, minerals, and gemstones I spent a lot of time in too! Plus other pictures from around Washington D.C. and in Virginia, so look forward to some more guests posts from me!


Hike – Spencer view

I went on an 11-mile hike a few weekends ago with @rosesandsaffron and our good friends + Belly (their lovely dog). Spencer Butte is probably one of the most popular ones to hike in Eugene. The view from the top allows you to look at most of Eugene, and a recent modification on the rocky area (at the very top) cutting stairs into the stone made hiking up this mountain even easier. (Still, don’t expect artificial stairs like in a building, stairs on a butte are way harder to walk up due to it’s size. Yes, each step is huge.)

@rosesandsaffron and our good friends + Belly (their lovely dog)と一緒に11マイルのハイキングに行ってきました。頂上からの景色は Eugene を見渡すことができることから、スペンサービュートは Eugene エリアでは一番有名なハイキング場所になっています。以前は頂上はロックになっており、ある程度筋力がないと登れませんでしたが、現在は岩を削って階段になっているため、以前よりはお年寄りや子供でも登りやすくなっています。(それでも、岩を削っているため、歩幅が大きく、登るのはなかなか体力がいります)

Beautiful path to hike. It’s so lovely to be surrounded by nature.


You can see majority of Eugene from the top of Spencer’s Butte.



Our awesome companion for the day. She made sure that nobody was left behind, and stayed the majority of time caring for out of shape people like me. Haha, thanks Belly.

This is such a beautiful hike. If you are around the area, and want to start working out or trying to get back into shape, this will be a great place to start.

*Make sure you know what poison oak looks like before heading over to this place. Especially towards the top, you will see a lot of it. Don’t grab/touch this plant if you don’t want to be itchy and miserble for the next few days. 🙂

今回はベリー(犬)が一緒に来てくれました。グループが離れすぎないように前と後ろを常にチェックし、体力的についていけてなさそうな人(僕)を見つけると、グループから離れてしまわないように横をずっと歩いてくれてました。 Thanks Belly!



Oregon Country Fair – Unique Acceptance



This is my third time to visit the Oregon Country Fair. This place is so unique, and nothing (that I have experienced) comes close to the experience I have in this place. This place has a unique atmosphere where you feel that anything goes. People are very kind and friendly, and they are willing to accept anything that you want to be.




<ENG>As soon as you goes through the entrance, there is just beautiful nature and trails where you find a tons of booths with hand-crafted accessaries and outfits. They can be slightly pricy but it’s understandable when you think about how much time they might have spent to craft them. Each booth reminded me of the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. It’s just bigger, and the Country Fair trails seem to be the perfect fit for the whimisical items for sale.

There is music everywhere, and many people dresss up for this event. (You might have more fun dressing up yourself to really embrace the fair atmosphere, but this is not a requirement by any means. Like I said earlier, they are very accepting.)




<ENG>This is a very unique place where one can truly be themselves. Do you want to dress up to be a character from DragonBall? Go for it! You’ve always wanted to be topless in public but are too self-conscious because you are not perfectly fit? Who cares! I have seen all kinds of people at this event. Everyone seems to truly enjoy the diversity, and seems to appreciate each individaul for who they are.

First time I was at this place at the age of 21, I thought I had a bigger cultural shock than when I came to the United States. However, now that I am older, I felt like there is a lot to like about this place, the atmosphere, and the general spirit. I’m already looking forwad to visiting again next year!


Nerdy Shirt is Awesome



<ENG>Ok. I don’t normally buy printed shirts as they could look really unwearable after going through the washing machine a couple of times. I tried the inside out washing method, which didn’t end up making much of a difference, and not putting it through dryer, which caused my shirt to smell like a week old chowder soup. Because of my consistent bad luck (or lack of knowledge) I generally stay away from printed shirts.

This one, however, I had to get. First of all, it was on sale for like $7 but more importantly, the newest Star Wars was the first Star Wars I’ve ever watched, and I absolutely loved it. (Yes, my friends give me a hard time for not watching the classic Star Wars) There was enough action and a good pace to keep me captivated, and a good amount of humor too. Now I have to go back and watch the old Star Wars too!

After wearing this printed shirt, I realized that printed shirts might be one of the easiest ways to put some personality in your outfit. I was wearing the jacket shown above for this day but you can certainly match a printed shirt with a blazer to look a little more sophisticated with a hint of fun nerdiness. I just watched Captain America: Civil War. Time for me to go look for some blue and red shirt.



このシャツを着て思ったのは、プリントシャツは洗濯さえ克服できれば、かなり使い回しが良いということです。この日は上のジェケットと合わせていましたが、少し暖かくなってくればジャケットを着て、もう少しきっちりした服装に「ナーディー」な服を合わせても面白そうだと思っています。数日前にキャプテンアメリカ:Civil War を見てきたので、今度はスーパーヒーローの服買ってこようと思います。😁